The truth is the southern table brings us home. It preserves the traditions and recipes of the past and ties us to our unique cultural heritage. By observing seasonality in the products we serve and treating them simply with respect we help to promote the bounty of the southern table.

about chef eric

The southern table is owned and operated by Chef Eric Reed. He received his culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute in New York, and staged at a Michelin starred restaurant in Italy.

Recently Chef Eric has become interested in combining his culinary skills learned in Italy with the foods of his childhood. He hopes this winning combination will make the southern table one of the finest restaurants in West Georgia.

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  • remembering our family

    The southern table brings us together. It provides a place to talk, share and laugh. It ensures that we have to take a moment to hear one another and that we are not alone in a fast and busy world or a slow and dreary one.

  • a tradition of good food

    a tradition of good food

    The foods we ate as children shaped our tastes for the foods we would love as adults and it seared our memories as well. When we take the first hot steamy bite of chicken and dumplings we remember exactly what our grandmothers wore as she made them.

  • a new southern table

    The southern table is intrinsically connected to the garden and farm. The new and novel concept of farm to table was the status quo for much of history. And today it only makes sense that the southern table serve those things grown and harvested in the south.